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Leadership 101: How Can I Become a Better Leader?

We all know what makes an effective leader, right? A willingness to lead, hard work, a little empathy and sacrifice, and of course some knowledge of the industry are a few qualities that come to mind. So why can it often seem so difficult when asked to step into a leadership role and successfully direct a team in the right direction?

Danny McKnight shares a quick insight on being an effective leader in the real estate industry. His insight reminds us to focus on the basics – respect, integrity, and personal courage. Whether you’re a leader of a real estate team or want to take on a leadership role within your community, you’ll be inspired by his experience and words of wisdom!

“Take 5” & remember: always be closing, learning, and growing.


P.S. If you are looking for a brokerage that can help you hone your leadership skills as you look to grow both personally and professionally, we’d love to chat! Call us at 813-867-4417 or send us an email at connect@DiscoverYourPlace.com to learn more! #DiscoverYourPlace


We’re Growing our Team of NextHome Discovery Members in 2017!

We’re Growing our Team of NextHome Discovery Members in 2017!

We are SUPER excited about 2017! Our mission this year is to help MORE Realtors® in Tampa Bay grow their businesses with clean branding, easy to use technology, a fun, collaborative work environment and a thorough training program to help them reach (and exceed) their sales goals.

We have found that without written goals, an action plan to achieve them and accountability to help you along the way, agents are just spinning their wheels and treating their career in real estate as a HOBBY and not a BUSINESS.


Real estate sales is a GREAT business, but an EXPENSIVE hobby. Run your business like a BUSINESS and the results will follow!

You are the CEO and business owner of your career. It may be time to align yourself with a company that is determined to help you soar in 2017!

Click on the “Let’s Talk” tab above, call our office at 813-867-4417 or email us at connect@DiscoverYourPlace.com for a confidential interview to see if we are the company you’ve been looking for!